Auckland Climate Festival

Our festival

Each year we choose one theme to help us unite around a common focus. Scroll down to explore the origins of this year’s theme and what it means for you.

A new

In early 2022 we hosted several kōrero with our community to explore why climate action was not taking place at the speed and scale it needs to. The story has been about doom and gloom for so long and it is not working. Everyone is feeling overwhelmed and despondent. We knew we had to help shape the new narrative to shift people through overwhelm to action. And so the theme was born.

We know that we are not the only ones looking for a new story to embrace and run with. There are many of you out there, eager to move beyond the overwhelm and into a place of empowered action as you believe in a good future for our mokopuna.

2022 THEME

Ancestor, me.


An invitation to reflect on yourself as an ancestor

This theme encourages us into think deeply about our place in the world.

Am I a good ancestor?

It can feel a little bit uncomfortable and confronting, but it is important that we ask it.

It takes us out of short term thinking, and places us in a greater story.

I’m imagining my grandkids looking back at me today.
What would they say about the actions I took for climate?

“We really wanted the festival to support a shift towards a new narrative around climate action, helping people move from a place of overwhelm towards feeling grounded in hope and trust.”

– Michelle Kennedy, Founder Auckland Climate Festival.

Believing in our future, together

Change won’t happen unless we have hope for our future and we see our place in shaping it. No matter how big or small our influence is, we all have a role to play. What is the legacy your mokopuna will tell their friends about?

See what others have to say

Handing it over to you

We want everyone that attends an event to understand that they are ancestors.

Use what is in your heart and hands and let this guide how you shape your event.