Auckland Climate Festival

The registration process

The below outlines the registration process and what you’ll need to prepare at each key stage.

Expressions of interest

Before registrations open, we’d love to know who out there is interested and whether or not there are plans already under way that we should know about. It will really help us identify where there are early crossovers in target audiences and focus areas – such as school involvement or interest from a number of professional bodies for example – and be more streamlined and effective in how we plan and design our outreach once the themes are finalised. 

Expressions of interest open: Until 16 May 2022

Step 1: share the basics, put out a teaser

You’re ready to give the ACF community and the public a sneak peak of what you’ve got planned.

This is the stage where you can give us high level info and a catchy image and we’ll showcase your event and help build awareness.

What to share with us:

  • Event name/location/type
  • Event category/theme
  • Key contact details
  • What is it? (a tweet will do! 140 characters)
  • Likely location (CBD, east, west, north or south)
  • Hero image
  • Ticketing info (optional)

Register your event with us here

Registrations open: 16 May – 16 July 2022

Step 2: details are confirmed, tell Tāmaki Makaurau

Once the initial application has been accepted, we will provide you with a link to a second form with the rest of the information required for you to complete your event submission, and how to provide this to us, once you’ve worked out the nitty gritty.

In addition to confirmation of the earlier info provided to us, we will need:

  • What is it? Longer form
  • Exact location and times
  • Registration / ticketing info
  • Target audience
  • Confirmation that you’ve got the necessary planning permits and permissions
  • Confirmation that you’ve got sustainability, diversity and other good policies in place

Due date: by 13 August 2022