Auckland Climate Festival


ACF is a month long festival held all across Auckland this October, creating space for us to come together as a city to celebrate, catalyse and accelerate climate action. 

Running for the second time, over 50,000 Aucklanders are expected to engage in climate action through attending a diverse range of events, initiatives and activations taking place all across the region. 

The festival’s open platform invites climate leaders to engage with communities, mana whenua, rangatahi, the private sector and government to co-create the festival programme as a whole-of-society response to the climate emergency.

Cities are at the forefront of climate action, home to the largest concentration of organisations and individuals driving change. Our city is full of climate leaders pioneering in arts, film, finance, business, conservation and more. 

It is at the city scale we get solidarity around the climate emergency. Auckland Climate Festival seeks to harness the collective energy of these leaders, and encourage others to join in no matter where they are in their climate journey. 

Coming together for a concentrated period means we can ensure we are all moving in the same direction, learn from one another, and ultimately accelerate the change we need to see quicker than if we go it alone. It gives us an opportunity to take stock and celebrate the incredible mahi already going on and catalyse new opportunities for change together. 

ACF is a time carved out each year, where we can unite as a city to focus on climate action. It gives us the space and platform to take stock of where we are and where we need to get to, reflect on what needs to be done, and tangibly get to work. 

The ACF organising team acts to convene climate leadership and provides a platform and thematic structure for the festival events, initiatives and activations. Event organisers are responsible for organising and hosting their own event(s), initiatives and activations.

Our theme for 2022 is:

Ancestor, me.

I am good ancestor. Believing in the future.

We encourage all organisers to explore this in the context of climate change and for Tāmaki Makaurau.

We also ask that organisers take into account the eight priorities set out in Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland’s Climate Plan throughout the planning process. You will be asked in the registration form to select which of these area(s) your event, initiative or activation aligns with.

You can make an application for any event, initiative or activation that focuses on climate action in Tāmaki Makaurau, provided you’re aligned in our kaupapa and have considered the theme for this year.

This could be anything from a small panel discussion, digital campaign, open day, art exhibition, film screening, a conference, internal workplace challenge or announcements or new commitments to climate action – all of these and more.

Example event types:

  • Conference or symposium
  • Panel discussion
  • Webinar or forum
  • Podcast
  • Innovation showcase
  • Hospitality or dining experience
  • Installation, exhibition, performance, film screening or concert
  • City, street, public space and mobile activation
  • Sustainable transport initiative
  • Circular economy or waste reduction initiative
  • Individual or Collective pledge
  • Award, competition, challenge or hackathon
  • Open day or educational tour
  • Marae gathering
  • Community initiative or volunteering day
  • Other

Check out our Event Host page for information on popular event types and guidance on getting an event registered from start to finish and check out our 2021 programme for ideas!

Anyone who is working towards, and committed to, genuine climate action for the wellbeing of Tāmaki Makaurau. Whether you’re a student and you’re keen for your school to get involved, a bunch of small businesses keen to do a collab together, or you’re a government organisation wanting to get citizen feedback on an important piece of policy, you’re welcome to be a part.

All voices are welcome, but we do not encourage events that benefit from the sponsorship or direct financial support of businesses, organisations or groups that are antagonistic to the need for climate action and a net-zero future. Likewise, we expect organisers to embrace the rich vibrancy and diversity of Tāmaki and its communities, and ensure climate action brings people together, emphasising climate justice, humanity and a just transition. We encourage organisations to consider their long-term legacy.

Check out the Event Host page for information on popular event types and guidance on getting an event registered from start to finish.

Organisers can select to make their event ‘public’ and open to all or ‘private’ for a specific group. Organisers can also highlight specific audience groups for their events (e.g. Public, Policy Makers, Academia, Business, Community, Civil Society and NGO or Other).

Being part of a wider programme of events and activations in the festival’s inaugural year will:

  • Open you up to the ACF community and resources. Build new relationships and collaborate in innovative ways.
  • Get your organisation, research or your event seen. More people will attend your events, take part in your activations and get to know what you do by being exposed to a wider and pre-engaged audience. 
  • Place you amongst global leaders. Being a partner of the festival means you can be part of shaping the dialogue, leaving a lasting legacy for the city and our people, and raises your profile both locally and globally. 
  • Help you to build your evidence base, derive meaningful insights and get feedback. In turn helping you do better by your clients, customers, communities and Papatūānuku.

Check out the Event Host page for more information.

It’s a simple two step process. See the Registration page for details.

The festival will include a mix of live, virtual and hybrid events, initiatives and activations throughout Tāmaki Makaurau. The full programme will be showcased on the ACF website just like a typical festival and promoted through partner channels.

March – 2022 date announced

Early May – Theme announced

16 May – Submission period opens and event host resource and community hub launched

15 July – Event submissions close (Step 1) 

13 August – Full event details due from event hosts (Step 2)

15 August – Programme announced

1 – 31 October – Auckland Climate Festival 2022

All event listings are free.

Note: As event organisers, you are responsible for all costs associated with organising your event or activation.

Check out the Event Host page for details. We will be adding more resources when registrations open and as we progress throughout the year.

Organisers can choose to make their event free or can charge attendees. This should be made clear by organisers. To support inclusive climate action we support free or flexible pricing opportunities where possible. 

Just like last year we plan to still go ahead even if there are still restrictions in place due to Covid. As part of the registration process, you will need to confirm with us that you have thought about a backup plan. If there are major changes, we will also endeavour to provide information and guidance throughout the process. We encourage events to have a virtual back up plan option where possible. Check out the guidelines at the Covid-19 website.

Organisers decide on the length of their events and can decide to run multiple events. From experience, when running digital events, timeslots of 1-1.5 hrs are recommended.

Auckland Climate Festival is for everyone. The audience is therefore very broad, including:

  • Business owners
  • Community organisations and environmentally aligned
  • Government
  • Mana whenua
  • Pasifika
  • Rangatahi and youth

You can:

  • Organise an event or initiative
  • Help others organise an event or initiative through volunteering your time, resources and/or your venue. Every little bit helps! 
  • Become a founding partner / sponsor. Request a Partnership Proposal by emailing Mike at 
  • Spread the word through your channels. The success of ACF relies on everyone getting behind it.