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Suss or sustainable: fisheries in Aotearoa

Wao Aotearoa

Suss or sustainable: fisheries in Aotearoa

Kaimoana can be brought, gathered, shared and hunted. It is an integral part of our culture in Aotearoa, inscribed in the DNA of our people, and walls of ancient caves – but things were a bit different back then. Humans fished before the dawn of written history using birds’ beaks for hooks and plant stalks for line. We now have industrial ships and nets the size of 10 rugby fields.

So can we really consume seafood sustainably? In this seminar, marine scientist Veronica Rotman addresses claims made by the recent film ‘Seaspiracy’ In a New Zealand context. Rotman explores the state of our own ocean and discusses how to consume kaimoana with care. Thousands of solutions exist to restore the health of our moana, but they require all hands on deck including inland Wānaka.

Who is this for? For anyone who wants to understand what sustainably sourced seafood is.

Wao is a community non-profit set up to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to move towards a regenerative future. Celebrating five years of action and education, our annual Wao Summit is a 360 degree approach to creating and fostering tangible, social and environmental change at every level. From food resilience, to changing the way we get around, to developing stronger community connection – we look at every facet of what it truly means to live in harmony with the planet. This event is one of 30 events hosted down in Wānaka, but delivered online for all to tune in.

Access this event, along with 7 other online events with the Wao Summit Online Ticket. The Wao Summit is a six day annual event held in Wānaka. Its aim is to inspire, educate and enable our transition as a community and nation to a healthy, thriving, diverse, carbon zero community.

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26.10.2022 @ 12:30 pm


12:30pm – 1:30pm


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Wao Aotearoa