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Food for thought: creating resilient food systems

Wao Aotearoa

Food for thought: creating resilient food systems

Gain insight into the real issues facing our global food system with this conversation facilitated by Julia Blackford, and featuring speakers Jason Bradford, Jade Gray and Ailsa Cain. You’ll hear about food resilience through multiple lenses, from the rise of localism, to Aotearoa’s place in the global food system, to what we can learn from matauranga Māori.

Globalisation, climate change, biodiversity loss and political tensions are placing increased pressure on our food system. We are a land of producers, we see ourselves living in a world of plenty, however we have one of the highest food costs in the world, and it is on the increase. Revenue from our exports help fund the schools, roads and hospitals. However malnourishment is rife. A high proportion of our children are living without enough healthy, affordable food and we have one of the highest rates of adult obesity in the OECD. Our waterways are highly polluted from nutrient runoff, our soils are being stripped of the diversity required to produce crops, and a large percentage of our greenhouse gas emissions comes from our agricultural systems. These all point to the fact that our food system is no longer living up to our aspirations as a nation.

On the global front, the Ukraine conflict, global inflation and potential global economic downturn are adding to stresses on our food system here in Aotearoa and questions around our role in the global food system.

The system we have developed to grow our food and feed ourselves over the last 100 years has been based on excessive use of hydrocarbons. This dense energy source will not be affordable or available in the near future and we will need to return to more traditional and energy efficient methods of agriculture – how do we ensure we can cope with this?

Wao is a community non-profit set up to educate, inspire and enable New Zealand communities to move towards a regenerative future. Celebrating five years of action and education, our annual Wao Summit is a 360 degree approach to creating and fostering tangible, social and environmental change at every level. From food resilience, to changing the way we get around, to developing stronger community connection – we look at every facet of what it truly means to live in harmony with the planet. This event is one of 30 events hosted down in Wānaka, but delivered online for all to tune in.

Access this event, along with 7 other online events with the Wao Summit Online Ticket. The Wao Summit is a six day annual event held in Wānaka. Its aim is to inspire, educate and enable our transition as a community and nation to a healthy, thriving, diverse, carbon zero community.

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25.10.2022 @ 5:30 pm


5:30pm – 7:30pm


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Wao Aotearoa