Auckland Climate Festival

A letter from our founder


Nau mai haere mai

I was born in 1988; the year the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was established in recognition that humans were seriously meddling with the climate. Since then, the world has produced more than half of the total CO2 emissions of the total emissions produced over the last 250 years.

Leading scientist Johan Rockström alerts us that what happens in the coming 50 years – between now and when I turn 82 – will determine the outcome for humanity 10,000 years and beyond. Our lifetimes will be defined by whether we choose to step up to the challenge to transform the future of humanity or destabalise the entire planet.

Waiting 50 years is not an option. In 2020, Rockström urged us that the next 10 years were crucial for climate action. With nine more years to go and rapid acceleration continuing towards tipping points, we cannot wait any longer. This year is the crucial year for climate action.

Thankfully, we know that change is possible with collective action. That is where Auckland Climate Festival (ACF) comes in. As a platform inviting individuals and organisations across Tāmaki to organise events and activations across October, ACF will build into the country’s largest movement focused on climate action. Aucklanders are expected to participate during a 3 week programme of events and activations.

Join me and others committed to delivering this important kaupapa for Tāmaki Makaurau. Let’s come together to take up the mantle, and honour what it means to be a kaitiaki of Papatūānuku and for our people.

Aku mihi nui

Michelle Kennedy